Smart accounting for self-employed in Spain

Create invoices, manage expenses, and report taxes automatically, without effort and human mistakes.

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Helping 100+ freelancers & contractors govern their finances



Accounting is full
 of issues. That’s

a hard truth

Accounting is full
 of issues. That’s
 a hard truth

Time consuming routine

You never finish your financial management at expected time

Lots of human mistakes

Manual work often results in losing

or filling in some incorrect data.

Unpredictable cash gaps

Payment delays, taxes & unexpected
expenses become a bad surprise

Unknown profitability

You never know how much you
earn and where’s your cash cow


Everything you need to run your books in Spain

Well, everything you need if you are picky about minor details like tax compliance.

Create invoices

Fast and error-free invoicing in a few clicks. No more
hassle with VAT
 or income tax, they're automatically calculated.

Control expenses Soon

Automated and comfortable way to keep all your outcome bills
and payments. Advanced AI-scanner for incoming invoices.

Synchronize bank accounts Soon

PSD2 compliant banks synchronisation to get a clear picture

of all your finances and full automation.

Tax forecasting & reporting Soon

Real-time forecast for all possibly taxes and contributions.

Automated quarterly and annual tax reporting. Clear and responsible.

AI-based tax advisor Soon

Useful insights on how to deduct more expenses,
what benefits you are entitled to and how to pay less tax.



Who can use Bosk?

No matter how long you've been self-employed, you need to be confident in your accounting

The beginners asks

How to become self-employed
Spain and how much tax to pay

The experienced are anxious

How to create invoices correctly.

When and what taxes should be paid

The advanced ponder

How to deduct more expenses
and what benefits am I entitled to

Accounting is no longer rocket science

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We care about your data in our privacy policy


© 2023 Bosk. All rights reserved

© 2023 Bosk. All rights reserved

© 2023 Bosk. All rights reserved